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Recent posts: W124 • Re: W124 230E Thermostat Housing Sensors - How to Test?
W124 • Re: W124 230E Thermostat Housing Sensors - How to Test? I think you will find that if you pull off just the single wire the Temp Gauge will stop working - Yes or No?
Yes, the single pin seems to operate the temp gauge, it deflects fully when shorting the connector to earth. However, since removing/replacing the switches I'm now experiencing the following intermittent problem: the AUX fan runs at full speed when the...
W108/109 • Re: W108 Interior Variants Seemed to have narrowed it down a little. My initial thought was the arm rests may interfere with a floor shift, but I've seen a couple for sale since that have them. They aren't shorter variants are they?
I've sourced some very good black MB Tex for my car. In terms of bang for buck, fresh carpets will make it look that much better and I'm on the hunt for a local provider. Does anyone have any contacts in Australia that sell the W108 carpet kits? I've...
W110, W111, W112 Sedans, Coupes and Cabriolets. • Re: Axle butterfly throttle ai... I red in the trouble-shooting zenith section of e9coupe.com that is a failure the worn throttle butterfly shaft, and found in this other webshop a throttle shaft bushing for repair it. Anybody know what lenght of bushings should I choose? (I think tell... W123 • Re: W123 300d radiator advice? The 300d radiators I see online seem to have two holes on the bottom for coolant (one for the lower hose, and one for a smaller hose next to it) plus the two auto trans lines.
That radiator is for the Turbo Diesel as it has the overflow tank. You can fit it, but will need to get the tank and 2 hoses hose to the radiator from a W116 or W126. I fitted one....
W107 Coupe and Roadster models • Re: 350 slc D-Jet injectors D-Jet injectors.pdf
Statistics: Posted by Aegean — Sun 21 Jul, 2019 10:15 am