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Recent posts: W114 and W115 • Re: W115 Ute Project starts ...
W114 and W115 • Re: W115 Ute Project starts ... oops, my bad. I saw those black plastic tags on the switch ends and immediately it came to mind those were window switches, despite the fact you'd made it clear it was an interior light switch. noob mistake !
I'll dig up the diagrams and edit the post when I find the part. Sorry! clearly I need more...
W114 and W115 • Re: W115 Ute Project starts ... Thanks a lot,
I do this anyway; my wife is the rock in my life. The two day business trip will be a rather enjoyable one with a nice dinner. Friday night we will have a memorial dinner for my mother whose birthday would have been in November ... so plans are in place...
W123 • Re: Cracked rear trailing arm I'm a bit shocked by the extent of this crack. I've seen W108 front wishbones that are cracked but in a place with much much less metal. I'm wondering if the car had heavy loads and/or a seized strut, and so that triangle of body and strut and wishbone... W114 and W115 • Re: W115 Ute Project starts ... fwiw, I couldn't help but do some digging in the EPC. Hopefully this will be successful in identifying the differences. The part numbers I get for the 560SL with the later style recessed switch are 0008212626 for the connector and 0008210738 for the... W114 and W115 • Re: W115 Ute Project starts ... Sorry to learn that you've been stressed to the point of having to see a doctor, Thomas.
No car is worth getting hurt over ... or hurting others, for that matter!
Take your time and enjoy this project, no matter how long it takes.