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Recent posts: W123 • Re: Power steering hoses
W123 • Re: Power steering hoses Power steering hoses are hydraulic hoses, which means they deal with quite a bit of pressure.
Worst case is when one develops a pinhole leak. Hydraulic fluid can be squirted on your hand and potentially penetrate your skin.
If that happens, a plastic surgeon needs to cut your hand open to flush out the fluid. It is nasty.......
W123 • Vacuum pump diaphragm...brand options Gday All,
I had the pleasure of rebuilding the vac pump on my 300D over the weekend after the diaphragm failed...again.
Over the last 3yrs I’ve replaced it twice (FEBI Brand). The quality of the diaphragm seems average as there is no apparent matting or structure to the material. It seems to be two sheets of rubber sealed together....
W123 • Re: Cracked rear trailing arm Replaced the arm.
Undid the rear Diff Mount + LHS Frame mount to body and lowered frame 5cms to get to the bolt tucke dinto the chassis
Removed hand brake shoes etc and cable. Had to unde the handbrake assembly at rear of gear box.
W108/109 • Re: Window Weatherstrip Supplier? Hello Thomas,
Thanks kindly. Yes, I've bought a fair bit off Andreas myself. Always good quality - but the DHL postage can be hefty to Oz.
Actually it was this https://dbdepot.de/weatherstrip-1157250965-repro rather than what I would call 'bailey channels' that you sent, that I was after. I had only just noticed he had weatherstrips after my post....
W108/109 • Re: Window Weatherstrip Supplier? Hi,
if that is what you mean, I can recommend the supplier. Don't know about shipping cost, but it should be calculated online. I've purchased quite a few products from Andreas, there shouldn't be a problem: